Ke$ha had ''eyeball sex'' with Johnny Depp.

The controversial singer claims the most famous person to have ever chatted her up is Hollywood legend Johnny, who made eyes at her from across the room last year.

She revealed: ''Me and Johnny Depp had eyeball sex at the benefit concert for Superstorm Sandy in LA. We never really talked - we just had eyeball sex.''

The 26-year-old star also admitted to getting ''s**tfaced'' with superstar Rihanna when the pair embarked upon their Last Girl On Earth Tour in 2010.

Ke$ha said: ''Rihanna's a really cool girl - very down to earth and fun. We went out and got on it a couple of times, once in Miami and once in the middle of nowhere at a bar in Canada.

''We just got s**tfaced!''

The straight-talking singer doesn't understand why people have a problem with the fact she objectifies men in her songs or why her no-holds barred lyrics have come under fire in the past.

She told Now magazine: ''If men in music talk about sex, girls, strippers and partying, then why can't I? Just because I'm a woman, it doesn't make me a drunk or a slut.

''It can be equally badass if a woman talks about those things. I'm here to make sure that's the case.''