A knife-wielding scene from SAMUEL L. JACKSON and Kerry Washington's new movie has been cut - because the RAY star appeared to "lose it" on camera.
Jackson plays a cop who disapproves of the mixed-race couple which moves in next door to him, and goes to great lengths to let them know how he feels.
In one scene, Washington's character pretends to seduce the Pulp Fiction star's character - and then threatens him with a knife.
Washington says, "It got removed. Samuel L. Jackson follows me back into my house and I seduce him to the point where he is drawn in and then I threaten his life with a knife.
"The producers felt like, at that point in the film, my character was the only sane one and they needed her to stay sane in the mix. She was losing it.
"But it was fun to shoot, to hold a knife up to Sam."