The Scandal star has been the face of the beauty firm for three years, but one user, named Ebony, took make-up bosses to task earlier this year (16) after struggling to find a foundation which matched her darker skin tone.

She questioned why Neutrogena's cosmetics line didn't include more products for users with skin tones similar to that of their celebrity brand ambassador, and to her surprise, she received a call back from Kerry herself.

The actress surprised Ebony with a video call from Neutrogena's "customer service", and then revealed she had personally worked with company experts to produce a more diverse array of skin shades.

"I wanted to personally deliver the message of our expansion and how proud I am of it, and it really meant a lot to me in particular when people asked about why Neutrogena would bring me on if there wasn't foundation for women of colour," Kerry told Ebony in the video. "I've been working really hard on expanding our foundations."

Footage of the special call has only now surfaced online, but Kerry recently insisted helping women of all races find suitable make-up for their skin tone has long been an important project for her.

"Inclusivity is a value that is core to my beliefs and a passion of mine," she told about the new shades. "So to be able to be hands on making this technology available to everybody and also coming up with lip colors that look good on everybody... There's no reason why women of all ethnicities should be like, 'Oh, I love this technology but there is no colour for me.'"