Kerry Washington has admitted that she gets as surprised as her fans at the twists and turns that the hit show 'Scandal' takes each week, the star of the ABC program revealing that the actors themselves only get the script for each episode a short time in advance.
"When the fans of the show have been freaking out week to week, I totally relate because that is how we felt each week, getting a script," she told NBC New York. Describing how Shonda Rimes, the creator of the show, worked, she said "When you work for Shonda you don't get an outline of the season. You learn it as you learn it. Sometimes even when you ask questions about your character she's like, 'I don't know yet.' Sometimes she's really clear and sometimes not. So it's been amazing, really fascinating and fun. Yeah, each week was shocking."
The whole first season is getting a release on Dvd and a second season is well on the way to getting completed. The star also took time to praise the real US President, a fictional one of whom the show is based on, by complimenting both he and wife Michelle. "I really admire them as a couple, the First Couple," she said. "I just think they're both so strong. They're both just such smart and strong and sophisticated and passionate people who have really dedicated their lives and sacrificed a great deal in service to this country. They're so loving and respectful of each other and they really prioritize their family and their work. I just really admire them as a couple. "