Kerry Washington learns her lines on a treadmill.

The 'Scandal' actress, who quietly wed NFL football player Nnamdi Asomugha on June 24, records all of her dialogue after she receives her latest script and listens to it as she works out so she has more free time to relax.

The 36-year-old star told Flare magazine: ''You have to think about eating right and sleeping right and taking care of your physical machine because the demands are so intense.''

She added: ''When people come up to me and express their love for [Olivia], I understand it, because I read the scripts and I feel the same way: 'Wow, what a complicated, three-dimensional, interesting, flawed, inspirational human being.'''

Kerry stopped drinking alcohol after graduating from college and refuses to read fiction during the show's nine-month shooting season because she believes it helps her to stay more focused.

She said: ''It was getting in the way of my perfectionism.''

But the Emmy-nominated star admits she is often too busy to enjoy her success.

She said: ''I love those moments that are few and far between, where you're so deeply, deeply invested in an imaginary world that you truly forget yourself for a little while, and the only reality that exists is the reality of that scene. That's like drugs to me. And it is hard to find that high, but that's what you work for.''