Kerry Washington likes partying with Michelle Obama.

The 36-year-old actress was honoured to have been invited to the White House when Barack Obama was re-elected as President of the United States last year and had a great evening dancing with his wife, the First Lady.

She told InStyle magazine: ''The best party I ever attended was at the White House the night of President Obama's second inauguration. There really is nothing like hitting the dance floor with Michelle Obama. She's the best.''

The actress is no stranger to lavish White House events on her hit TV show 'Scandal', in which she plays a former presidential aide turned high-powered political fixer Olivia Pope.

On the show, her character even has an illicit affair with the president of the United States, but Kerry recently insisted she is nothing like her TV alter-ego.

She said: ''There is no Olivia Pope in Kerry Washington. I'm never bossy, I never suggest that people should do what I say they should do, I never think I can fix situations, I never try to take care of people and I never only keep situations to myself privately ... that's why everyone knows about my private life!''