Kerry Washington has already chosen her dress for the Emmy Awards.

The star - who is nominated for the Best Actress prize for her role in TV thriller 'Scandal' - admitted she has already decided on her outfit for the ceremony on Saturday (21.09.13).

She told ''When I put it on, I just knew ... This dress, I just knew [it was the one]. I put it on and was like, 'I'm done.' ''

The 'Django Unchained' actress revealed her main influence in style is making herself ''happy'' with how she looks, rather than trying to impress other people.

She explained: ''It's important to always dress to make yourself happy, because if you're always trying to please other people you're never going to feel fulfilled.

''You have to make sure that when you walk out of the house that you feel good about yourself.''

Kerry - who works with stylist Erin Walsh - also discussed the importance of ''really good tailor'' to get the best out of a woman.

She added: ''Everybody needs to have a really good tailor! That's the biggest thing.

''It's unfortunate that women feel that in the store things should fit perfectly because that's when you leave feeling like you're imperfect in some way.

''And it's not true ... Everybody should have a good tailor because everybody's body is different.''