Actress Kerry Washington uncovered one of late soul great Ray Charles big secrets while preparing to play the blind singer's wife in biopic RAY - he stayed in Hilton hotels around the world because he knew the layout of the room.

The Save the Last Dance beauty discovered Charles' big secret while interviewing his wife DELLA BEA ROBINSON.

She reveals, "Ray always stayed at the Hilton whenever he travelled and lots of people think it's because he loved the Hilton, but it's really because Hilton rooms are always set up the same way, no matter where you go in the world.

"He could walk into a Hilton room in Saigon and know exactly where the table was and know exactly where the couch was, and know exactly where the bed was.

"People often thought he wasn't really blind. He would walk into his hotel room and throw his keys on the table and people would wonder how he did that."

19/10/2004 09:23