A British showbiz magazine has apologised to a lapdancer after former WESTLIFE singer BRYAN McFADDEN denied he had sexual relations with her.

AMY BARKER claimed her integrity was questioned by a November 2002 article in the HEAT magazine, in which McFadden attacked her claim the pair had sex during his stag night (bachelor party) before his wedding to former ATOMIC KITTEN singer Kerry McFadden.

McFadden said in the interview, "If it were true, the Westlife boys would never speak to me again."

Heat's apology admitted they and McFadden had "implicitly accused Ms Amy Barker of lying".

The statement says, "We and Mr McFadden accept that a sexual encounter did take place on this occasion and it was not our intention to accuse Ms Barker of lying.

"Since the publication of the Heat article, McFadden has admitted a 'brief oral sex act' took place, but that it only lasted 30 seconds, adding: 'I categorically state that I never had intercourse with her and have never taken drugs.'"

When the story first broke in a Sunday UK newspaper, Barker said, "We started off having sex and after about a minute I pulled away and performed a sex act on him. I didn't enjoy it and it was over in three minutes.

"He was only concerned about his own needs. There was no feeling to it. When he finished he got up, didn't look at me, didn't say a word and walked out."

08/07/2004 17:25