Kerry Katona would support her kids if they wanted to become famous.

The reality TV star's eldest daughter Molly dreams of life as a pop star and she insists she will stand by her four kids -Molly, Lilly-Sue, nine, Heidi, five, and four-year-old Max - if they chose a showbiz career, despite the problems her celebrity status has brought her.

Kerry - who began her career in girl group Atomic Kitten - exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''If that's what she (Molly) wants to do I will support her, absolutely. I will warn her it's not as glamorous as it looks - it's bloody hard work! Its long hours, you're travelling all the time.

''It's got its perks, don't get me wrong! But if that's what she wants I will support her 110 percent. I think every kid nowadays wants to be on the stage, and Molly's an amazing singer.''

The straight-talking star's two eldest girls are aware of her troubled past and battles with substance abuse, and she says watching her documentary 'Kerry Katona: Coming Clean' and seeing footage of their mum taking drugs has scared ''the s**t out of them'' and she is confident they won't touch the stuff in the future.

Kerry - who had Molly and Lily with first husband Brian McFadden - explained: ''They were getting to that age. I was so embarrassed, I was so ashamed and I felt enormous guilt. After the show finished, Molly turned around and was like, 'When did all this happen mum, where were we?' And Lily actually thought I'd been a secret agent living a double life!

''Molly and Lily are both very aware that I've taken drugs. And I've told them I could have lost everything, I could have been dead, I could have lost you guys. So I've scared the s**t out of them hopefully! I'm so honest with them so I've scared them to death and they will never try anything like that.''

Kerry's autobiography, 'Still Standing', was published on Thursday (22.11.12) by Orion.