Kerry Katona wants another baby with fiance George Kay.

The Atomic Kitten star - who has four children from her previous marriages and three-month-old daughter Dylan-Jorge with the former rugby player - plans to have more kids once she and her 34-year-old beau get married.

She said: ''George wants to have another baby soon because he doesn't want to be an older dad and we'd like the children to be close in age.''

Kerry's comments come just days after George was detained under the mental health act last week after a public meltdown - which he has blamed on a mixture of alcohol, steroids and sleeping pills - and despite claims their wedding is off because of his bizarre behaviour, the 33-year-old singer insists they will be tying the knot next month.

She told The Sun newspaper: ''I know there have been rumours of the wedding being off but it is definitely going ahead.

''And it is not abroad - we are getting married in the UK.''

George recently admitted he had been ''stupid'' in taking steroids.

He said: ''They sent me doolally. I was in another world. I wasn't sleeping, so I was taking sleeping pills and I'd been drinking and taken steroids.

''I'd been up for the best part of four days. With the mixture of those things I think something had to give and, unfortunately, we had the incident that we had.

''I have been stupid.

''All I can say is, if you're thinking of taking steroids, look what happened to me.

''I've been foolish really. Regardless of why you're taking them, no good can come out of it or they can make you do absolutely ridiculous things like I did.