British singer Kerry Katona is set to reunite with her Atomic Kitten bandmates after her replacement in the group fell pregnant and pulled out of a planned reunion.

Katona quit the band just days before the release of breakthrough international hit Whole Again in 2001, and she was replaced by Jenny Frost, sparking a public war-of-words between the two which has rumbled on ever since.

Reports surfaced earlier this year (12) suggesting that Atomic Kitten, who have been on an extended hiatus since 2004, were lining up a reunion tour, and Frost spoke out to emphatically deny Katona would be part of the comeback.

However, Frost announced in August (12) that she is pregnant with twins - and now it has emerged Atomic Kitten are slated to star in their own reality Tv show next year (13), with Katona lined up to return to the group.

Fellow bandmember Natasha Hamilton tells British magazine Hello!, "If you'd asked me a few weeks ago (who will be in the band), I'd have said Jenny, no question. Jenny's the one who came in just as Atomic Kitten took off. She saved the day by joining us at 48 hours notice when Kerry said she'd had enough.

"So Jenny built the brand with me and Liz (MCClarnon), and I felt that the third place is hers. I really wanted her to do it and I'm gutted that she can't. For 12 months we've been talking, always with the intention that the line-up would be Liz, Jenny and me. Everything was ready. We'd agreed to take part in a new Tv series about what's become of the girl and boy bands who dominated the charts in the '90s and early 2000s... (But) a double pregnancy is higher risk and Jenny's now got to put herself first... There's nothing sinister about Jenny being out or Kerry coming in. It's just how things have panned out."