Kerry Katona's husband has admitted marriage ''isn't what he thought it would be''.

George Kay, who married the Atomic Kitten singer in September last year, has spoken out after Kerry revealed she sometimes feels as though their relationship is ''in trouble'' to admit he too is struggling with some aspects of married life.

He said: ''It's been tough lately. We've been rowing a lot. Marriage isn't what I thought it would be if I'm honest. I thought it would be all sunshine and happiness, but it's really hard - especially for us.

''We're raising a large family and dealing with bankruptcy. We argue a lot over money issues. We have to live within a strict budget and that's tough. We're both fiery characters, too, so that doesn't help things.

''There have been times where I've thought we might not last. In my darkest moments I've wondered if we should be together. But I love Kerry so much and I'm determined to make it work.''

George was recently offered a security job abroad but Kerry - who has children Molly, 13, Lilly-Sue, 12, Heidi, eight, and seven-year-old Max from previous relationships and 13-month-old Dylan-Jorge with George - asked him to turn it down because she didn't want them living apart.

He told the new issue of Closer magazine: ''Having to turn down the job abroad was really tough on me. It was a lucrative job touring the world, I really wanted to take it. It caused a lot of arguments between us. I wasn't to provide for our family and I felt it was a good opportunity for me, but obviously it would have been tough to be that far apart. We'd have been like passing shops and that's not good for any marriage, especially as things have been so difficult with us recently.''

However, George insists they are putting their children first and refrain from arguing in front of them.

He added: ''We don't have arguments with the kids there. They're children and we don't want them to see us shouting. We'll go to the car to argue if we want to get things off our chests. I have an amazing relationship with the kids and their happiness means everything to me.''