Kerry Katona's daughter Molly has thanked the star for being ''the best mum'' on her 16th birthday.

The Atomic Kitten singer's firstborn child with her ex-husband Brian McFadden recently moved to her father's native Ireland, leaving Kerry missing her child terribly, and now Molly has now penned an emotional tribute to her mother thanking Kerry for making so many sacrifices for her five children.

Kerry shared the message on Instagram, which read: ''Mum, the past 16 years you have sacrificed everything to be a mother, you always told me something changes when you become a mother and your whole life changes. So today on my 16th birthday I am also celebrating you, for being the best mother I could have asked for.

''Sixteen years ago you gave birth to me. And you started a new life. So here's to you mum, and also, you're welcome for having such an amazing first born.

''Don't forget I may not be there physically right this very moment, but I'll always be right there with you, ready to argue with you about the over usage of the phrase 'on trend'!!! I'll see you soon. Love, your favourite (don't lie, we all know it's true). (sic)''

And the 36-year-old star - who also has Lily-Sue, 14, with Brian, three-year-old daughter Dylan-Jorge with her estranged husband George Kay, and 10-year-old daughter Heidi and nine-year-old son Max with her second husband Mark Croft - readily admitted the message had left her in tears.

Alongside the message, Kerry wrote: ''Oh my god I'm in bits!!!!!!!!! My baby girl sent me this today on her birthday. My god I miss her sooooo much''.

Kerry recently credited Molly and Lilly for helping her to end her troubled relationship with third husband George following a series of blazing rows.

She said previously: ''I feel like the worst mother in the world and I will never forgive myself. No child should have to hear what they heard or see what they saw. I sat my Molly and Lilly down because they're older and all I could do was profusely apologise to them. I said to the girls, 'I'm so sorry I've let this go on for so long.' They said, 'Why are you standing for this? Just leave him.' ''