Kerry Katona feels like she's on a ''spiritual path''.

The 37-year-old singer has overcome various personal issues, including drink and drug addiction, during her life, and Kerry believes she's now in a position to support other people through other similar crises.

Kerry - who is estranged from husband George Kay, having previously been married to Mark Croft and Brian McFadden - shared: ''I've been through so much ... drug addiction, alcohol, divorce once or twice, actually three times, custody. I feel like I can help others. I'm on a spiritual path now and I know I can help other people to turn their life around. What I've been through, most people would give up. The one saying I do like is, everything will be okay in the end and if it's not okay, it's not the end.''

Kerry first found fame as a member of the chart-topping girl group Atomic Kitten - but subsequently ran into money troubles as her life spiralled out of control.

The pop star admits surrounding herself with the wrong people during her career, although she's not ''ashamed'' of her personal struggles.

Speaking to Adam Deering, CEO of Timperley-based Hanover Insolvency, as part of the group's OK To Talk About Debt campaign, Kerry explained: ''I lost my money. I don't have money now. I got out of bankruptcy again in September but I feel good. I feel amazing.

''It was embarrassing as well. You could see that people around me who I was hanging out with at the time, all the hangers on just wanted me for my money and all the fame. The people I was buying drugs with you could see their delight they just wanted to bring me down. But I'm not ashamed.''

Despite her financial woes, Kerry remains determined to stay strong for her kids Molly, 16, Lilly-Sue, 15, Maxwell, ten, and Heidi, 11.

But she admits that the stigma surrounding her has impacted her employment prospects.

Kerry said: ''It was a financial struggle but I was still waking up every morning. I understand why people kill themselves. There was times and there have been times of late that I think 'I can't cope with this. How am I going to pay their school dinner money?'

''Even today. I only got out of bankruptcy in September and the trustees take most of your money. I'm not guaranteed my work and unfortunately in this industry, if you're not seen as successful and because I was in bankruptcy people don't want to work with you.''