Kerry Katona has sacked her publicist Max Clifford after he admitted to worrying about his client in a magazine interview.

The former Atomic Kitten star put in a disastrous appearance on ITV1's This Morning last week in which hosts Philip Schofield expressed concern for her wellbeing as she slurred her speech and reacted angrily to suggestions that she may be suffering from alcohol addiction.

On Tuesday, Heat magazine interview with Clifford in which he admitted to being "worried" about the mother-of-four after hearing she had been "drinking more and more, earlier and earlier".

And Katona has now fired the PR guru, he has confirmed in a statement.

"She has asked that I no longer represent her", Clifford said.

"Reluctantly I have agreed and I wish her all the health and happiness. I think the world of her and wish her every success."

Katona, 28, claimed her slurred speech during the This Morning interview was due to having taken prescription drugs to help her sleep.

Speaking to Heat, Clifford had claimed to have been unaware of the ITV1 appearance until the night before and laid the blame for Katona's erratic appearance at the feet of her husband Mark Croft.

"All I can say is that Mark was happy for Kerry to go on This Morning which says a lot," he explained.

"Mark is at the centre of Kerry's life and so you can't overestimate the effect he has on her life. She loves him to bits and therefore he has an impact on everything she does."

I'm A Celebrity… winner Katona attacked This Morning host Schofield for being "ignorant and arrogant" during the interview, which caused viewers to call in expressing concern for the former pop star.

"Why didn't Schofield ask me about my condition on air and help me explain my slurring was due to my illness and medication?" she asked the People newspaper.

"I would take action against him - but I want to see what happens first."

29/10/2008 12:55:33