Kerry Katona feels ''empowered'' after ending her marriage to George Kay.

The 36-year-old star called it quits with her third husband for the second time following a series of blazing rows last month, and though she wishes him ''nothing but love and happiness'', she knew she had to walk away for her own sake and is now looking forward to the future.

She said: ''I am absolutely amazing, I'm really good, yes I'm going through another divorce but it is what it is, it's over and I'm happy and I'm moving on...

''He's the father of my children and I wish George nothing but love and happiness.

''I hope he finds the peace to get the help he needs but I can't continue to help someone when I need help myself and to take responsibility for my actions.

''I got to the point where I said enough is enough. I'm drained but I'm not sad, I'm excited about my future, and I feel empowered I walked away from a relationship that wasn't a right one to be in.''

George has spoken in the past about his mental health issues but Kerry - who has daughters Molly, 15, and Lilly-Sue, 14, from her marriage to Brian McFadden, Heidi, 10, and Max, nine, with second husband Mark Croft, and Dylan-Jorge, three, with George - admits she didn't know about his problems until she had fallen in love with him.

Asked when she found out about his problems on UK TV show 'Loose Women', she said: ''When I was already in love with him and I think you get your relationship, [at first] you all pretend to be something you're not and you fall in love then you see someone's true colours, even my true colours come out as well.

''When someone has mental health problems, as I have - which I've been ridiculed for for eight years - it's hard to walk away from somebody and I loved him, I didn't want to walk away, I wanted to help him.''

But the Atomic Kitten singer insists she doesn't blame George for their split and instead she needs to take ''responsibility'' for her part in what happened.

She said: ''It's a constant build up over the years, arguing, all kinds of stuff, I'm not gonna sit here and place blame, I take responsibility, I allowed that situation to happen, I allowed that into my own life and I've only got myself to blame, I have to take them actions and deal with them and move on.''

Kerry hopes to keep her life drama free from now on, but joked her personal life is what has made her so successful.

Asked if she'll walk down the aisle again, she joked: ''It just depends how much they'll pay me for my next wedding.

''It's not the first thing I'm thinking about right now... I don't want to come here again and talk about any dramas, but saying that I might not have a career if I do that.''

'Loose Women' presenter Coleen Nolan said they had contacted George to ask for his take on the marriage split but had not received a response.''