It comes to something when you're needing the support of Kerry Katona, but that's exactly the position that former 'X Factor UK' finalist Stacey Solomon has found herself in after she was consoled by the ex-Atomic Kitten in her regular OK! Magazine column following the revelations that she's been smoking whilst pregnant.
Solomon has been teary eyed on several TV shows since pictures emerged of her having a crafty cig just weeks before the expectancy date for her new child, and was stripped of her Celebrity Mother Of The Year crown by Foxy Bingo following the reports. It's done a lot of damage to the reputation of the reality star; however Katona has rallied to support the beleaguered singer, claiming "There's no harm having the odd puff now and then. It's not like she's going out getting p***ed every night. It's wrong to strip Stacey of her Celebrity Mother Of The Year title, but I'm glad Iceland has stood by her," she added in reference to the supermarket's decision not to drop her from their adverts.