Pregnant former British pop star Kerry Katona has been rushed to hospital after a miscarriage scare. The 25-year-old, who is expecting a baby with fiance MARK CROFT, was taken to Warrington Hospital in Northern England on Thursday morning (14SEP06) after she started bleeding. Katona, ex-wife of singer Brian McFadden, already has two children with the ex-boy band member - and there are fears that her scare was caused by continuous stress relating to her public spat with the former Westlife hunk - MCFadden has claimed she was unfaithful to him during their stormy marriage. A spokesperson says, "She was admitted with light spotting. It wasn't anything serious. She was only there for a few hours and she returned home." A source adds, "Kerry's had a really bad time of late with all the mud-slinging going on between her and Brian. "Accusing her of being a bad mum was a low blow and he followed up that with claims that she cheated on him during the marriage. "The only thing that has been keeping her mind of all the this is the baby - she's absolutely ecstatic to be expecting a child with Mark."