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Kerry - I also have bipolar. I lost my well paid career and house due to the condition. That was 3 1/2 years ago; I now have a less stressful job and moved to a smaller house. I take Lithium Carbonate and Ethyl EPA pure fish oil every day. I have been well for the longest period of my life since being diagnosed age 15 (I'm 46). I thought I'd never survive without the "good money" or the profession -but my employers actually did me a favour by sacking me. The lack of stress in my life, together with the stabilising effect of Lithium, has meant that I now lead a "normal" life. After all I've been through with bipolar (and you'll know what I mean)... that's got to be a God send. Bless you.

Posted 8 years 2 months ago by Irene S

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kerry and mark............i bet u both hav a good l aff 2gether at some of the crap that comes yor way,but i no tears will be shed also,at least u have your lovely kids to take care of,thats the most important prioraty,the press and critics have too much influance on fiction rather than fact as they need to dish the dirt for their wages,thats a shame for u n mark kerry as wen u feel yor getting back on the up they come right bang in yor face and give u another smack,it will always be that way for u both,i hope u both give each other the love and support and the bitching banter that keeps u both going,i think u r both funny witty caring but hurting,i wathed u both on mtv last night and mark about yor son thats just been confirmd, did the mother let u n kerry hav an idea befor the joy of the birth of baby max,or was it just another attempt to birst kerrys happy bubble again,sod them all the misrable sods and u two stay as strong as ever.get in that celeb big bro house and show em allxxxxxxxxxx

Posted 8 years 11 months ago by lesleyanne

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kerry is a good person with 4 beautiful children.She doesnt need the crap from others.i have 6 children and expecting my 7,its hard work being a mum.i wish her all the best.

Posted 9 years 5 months ago by lyndsey

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