Keri Russell was hand picked to star in BEDTIME STORIES by Adam Sandler because he wanted a family-friendly film his young daughter could watch.
The actress impressed Sandler's wife Jackie with her performance in Waitress and was offered a part in the Disney movie, which also stars Courtney Cox.
And Russell accepted the role - because she was convinced working with Sandler would be a fun experience and one she could look back on with joy.
She tells USA Today, "I was really pregnant when he called to ask me to do it. And then there was the writers' strike, so they weren't moving forward with anything. His wife saw Waitress and she said she liked it and that (I) should be in one of his movies.
"He called me and said, 'Hey, I have a kid and I hear you're having a kid and I want to make a movie my kid can see and you should do it with me.' I'm not kidding. And I said OK.
"It seemed so fun, because I'd just done two movies where I had to be sad. How much fun would it be to be laughing and silly with Adam Sandler?"
And the experience didn't fall short of what she expected: "This movie (I) was going along for the ride with Adam and trying not to laugh. You're trying to hang on and ride the wave. "