Motherhood has turned new mum Keri Russell into a sobbing wreck - she has started crying through every film she sees, including her own. The actress gave birth to baby son River Russell in June (07) and admits she's still coming to terms with the emotional upheaval of motherhood. She says, "No one ever tells you that as soon as you become a parent anything dealing with a kid or a baby affects you. I'm not kidding. "I was watching Finding Nemo and I was bursting into tears: 'How is he gonna find his dad?' My husband Shane was like, 'Should we turn this off? I mean, is this gonna be too upsetting?' "Shane and I stepped in the back of a screening of my new film August Rush for, like, the last 10 minutes, and I was just crying as soon as I sat down. I looked over and my husband was crying too. "When you have a child it just changes everything and you see things in such a different light."