Former FELICITY star Keri Russell tied the knot with her long-time boyfriend SHANE DEARY in New York City on Valentine's Day (14FEB07). Russell and Deary, both 30, recently announced they were expecting their first child this summer (07). Only a few close friends attended the intimate ceremony, which took place during a snowstorm. According to American publication Us Weekly, the wedding reception was held at the Red Cat, a French restaurant in New York's Chelsea district. A source adds, "As far as I know, it went beautifully." Russell, who starred with Tom Cruise in MISSION: Impossible III, made an appearance with Deary at the Sundance Film Festival last month (JAN07) to promote her new film, WAITRESS. This will be the first marriage for both. Russell previously dated her Felicity co-star Scott Speedman and fellow MOUSEKETEER TONY LUCCA.