Country legend Kenny Rogers has been hit with a personal bombshell - he's been signing the wrong name for 50 years.

The 67-year-old COWARD OF THE COUNTY singer has been signing cheques and documents as Kenneth Ray Rogers ever since his musical career began, but he has just found out he was christened Kenneth Donald Rogers.

The concerned star says, "All of my life I have been Kenneth Ray Rogers... I was given that name, I've lived by it, I've signed all my legal documents 'Kenneth Ray Rogers'.

"I found out the other day that my actual name is Kenneth Donald Rogers. They sent me a birth certificate.

"All my brothers and sisters call me Kenneth Ray, no one knows where it (Kenneth Donald) came from. On the birth certificate it's Kenneth Ronald and then they changed the 'R' to a 'D'.

"So I'm wondering if I've ever really been married."