Singer Kenny Rogers is determined to witness his young sons' early years as he regrets missing so much of his older kids' childhoods due to his busy career.

The Islands in the Stream hitmaker is dad to two grown-up sons and a daughter from previous marriages, and he most recently became a father to twin boys, Jordan and Justin, by his fifth wife Wanda.

Rogers dotes on the nine year olds, but admits watching them grow up has made him realise he wasn't there for his family during his heyday.

He tells Britain's Daily Express, "I'm more responsible now. When I was younger I wanted success so desperately but had not figured out the difference between being driven and being selfish.

"I'm on good terms with my older sons' children now but I see how much I missed of their lives and how it hurt them and that hurts me. I'm determined not to do that with these boys."

Jordan and Justin like to watch their father perform at concerts, and Rogers adds, "They come on stage and sing with me but they're not great singers... I try not to encourage it."