Veteran rockers Kenny Loggins and JIM MESSINA are hitting the road together again after a 30 year hiatus.

The LOGGINS + MESSINA SITTIN' IN AGAIN REUNION TOUR kicks off in June (24JUN05) and has approximately 40 dates booked around America.

And their comeback will be sealed with the May (05) release of a greatest hits album - titled THE BEST: LOGGINS + MESSINA SITTIN' IN AGAIN.

The duo last toured in 1976 before falling out and going their separate ways, but admit there is still a special quality when they perform together.

Loggins says, "Things just sort of flowed together. Something magic happens when the two of us sing together."

Messina recalls one of the main problems was that neither performer believed they were as good as the other.

He says, "One of the sore spots was, I have tremendous respect for Kenny and his incredible voice, and part of the problem was not thinking I could live up to that.

"And, not to speak for Kenny, but I found out he experienced the same thing with me and my instrumentation."

As an extra treat for fans, the pair are inviting guest stars to perform with them while they are on tour.

Messina adds, "If we're in Nashville and Michael Mcdonald is free, or RUSTY YOUNG, or Clint Black, we hope they can get on stage and sit in."

25/04/2005 17:35