Country superstar Kenny Chesney has a strict health regime of raw eggs, work-outs and yoga to stay in shape.

The singer, who wed Renee Zellweger last month (MAY05), insists he has stuck to the same routine for the last three-and-a-half years.

He explains, "I eat egg whites, a piece of wheat toast and maybe a sliced tomato, I go work-out, and when I get back I drink a protein shake.

"About three hours later I eat a piece of chicken and some carrots. Then, late at night, if I'm hungry, I will eat another protein shake, but one with no carbs in it."

But, aside from working out and sticking to a regular diet, Chesney credits Bikram yoga for giving his life "balance."

He adds, "(I do it in a) real hot room where it's about 110 degrees. It has taught me a lot about balance, and that's something I look for in my life."

16/06/2005 09:11