Kenny Chesney has penned a new tune about his break-up with actress Renee Zellweger.
The country singer tells the upcoming issue of Newsweek his new song Nowhere To Go, Nowhere To Be is about the 2006 heartbreak he suffered after the failure of his high-profile marriage.
Chesney explains, "I was probably as emotionally and mentally exhausted as I'd ever been. And that was due to a lot of things - having the foot on the gas pedal constantly, and my break-up with Renee Zellweger.
"I got in a plane and went down to the Virgin Islands. I was completely by myself. I didn't want to be around anybody. So, the next thing you know, it's me and a pen and I sat down and wrote a lot of lines of this song."
And he admits many of the other tunes on his new album were inspired by the split: "It's a pretty honest record. I've let myself be more emotionally vulnerable in some of the lyrics. I think that was good therapy."
And despite reports he and his ex are friends again, Chesney admits Zellweger's reaction to the album's lyrics is "unpredictable".