Country star Kenny Chesney is still coming to terms with the fall out from his shock four-month marriage to Renee Zellweger in 2005.
The singer/songwriter admits he and the actress fell for each other very quickly and he was left devastated when it became clear they weren't meant to be man and wife.
The couple divorced, with Zellweger citing fraud, and neither has gone into details about the split.
Still friends, Chesney insists he has no hard feelings about his ex-wife.
He tells People magazine's Country Special issue, "She was literally the sweetest soul I've ever met. It's really hard to make sense of what happened."
Calling the failed marriage a "life lesson", Chesney accepts, "You can't fall in love as hard and fast as we did and not have some residual effects.
"I thought I was ready (for marriage)... but I wasn't."