Country music superstar Kenny Chesney's fans keep him up at night - because he's always thinking of ways to entertain them.
The singer/songwriter loves meeting fans before shows but their stories of hardship and financial crises make him realise he has to keep performing at a high level - because the concertgoers often make huge sacrifices to see him live.
He says, "I think about that a lot before I go onstage. I don't sleep a lot... I lie in bed at night trying to think of ways to give people the best experience I can.
"I think about some kid who's at his first concert, sitting on the grass. What's going to turn that kid on? What's going to make his girlfriend want to give him the best kiss ever at the end of the night?
"I think about people who don't really want to be there but got dragged by friends. I want them to leave the show saying, 'Wow, what just happened?'"
And he admits that sometimes fans get very turned on at his gigs.
Chesney tells Playboy magazine, "One time I saw a couple having sex at my show. It was an outdoor festival in 2000... These two people were physically having sex about 25 yards from the stage, and everybody was watching them and clapping."