Country star Kenny Chesney was left in such a "funk" after his brief 2005 marriage to Renee Zellweger ended he couldn't write songs or perform for fans.
The singer-songwriter admits he sank into a deep depression and struggled to get back to normal.
He says, "There was a period at the end of 2005 and really all of 2006 where I never took the guitar case out of the closet when I was at home.
"I was in such a personal funk after the Renee thing that I could have played every day of the week and wouldn't have felt much joy from it."
But fans needn't worry - Chesney insists he's back at his best: "I feel like I've got my edge back.
"I'm more in the moment... than I have been the last couple of years, and I notice more of the good things."