Sir Kenneth Branagh has praised Harry Styles for his role in 'Dunkirk'.

The 56-year-old actor stars as Commander Bolton in the Christopher Nolan blockbuster and the film marks Styles' acting debut, but the TV, movie and theatre legend said he was drawn in by the One Direction star's acting.

Speaking on 'This Morning', Branagh said: ''I think he did an excellent job.

''When you did you first take, I was just drawn in, he's just magical. He's magical.''

Branagh - who also is a filmmaker and helmed 'Thor' - said Nolan is a master and didn't question any choices the director made.

He said: ''He's a master. Obsessive in all the best possible ways with this thing.

''Controlling the number of things that he had to, all the variables, plus the weather changing all the time and you're in the real place and sometimes the ferry comes in the back of the shot and you don't want that.

''You need to get all the tourists out of the way then bring the Spitfire back in. You say thank you very much sir and keep your mouth shut.''

The 23-year-old singer also said Nolan was scarier than 'X Factor' creator and judge Simon Cowell.

Harry said: ''I think Chris, in that he doesn't say anything, like at all. He just kind of sits in the darkness at the back of the room.''