Kenneth Branagh hopes the new Jack Ryan movie is a big hit so he can get his pet dog involved with the follow-up.

The newly-knighted British star portrays Russian terrorist Viktor Cherevin in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit - a film he also directed - and he's already looking towards the next Ryan blockbuster after teaching his own pet to speak in a foreign language.

The explains, "I had a long time in advance to listen to Russian radio and television and I had a dialect coach who introduced me to the sound of the language. Then I learned it phonetically while walking the dog.

"We have a dog in this movie but the next dog in the next Jack Ryan film, if there is one, will be my dog, who can now speak Russian! I'm looking forward to seeing her in that."

Chris Pine takes on the character of Ryan in the new film after Harrison Ford, Alec Baldwin and Ben Affleck portrayed author Tom Clancy's all-action hero in films like Clear & Present Danger and Patriot Games.