Kenneth Branagh's proudest moment as a filmmaker came at the screening of his low-budget movie IN THE BLEAK MIDWINTER - when he handed glamorous actress Joan Collins a cheque for her role in the film.
The British thespian wrote and directed the black and white picture, about an amateur theatre group attempting to stage Hamlet at Christmas, in 1995, and paid for the movie himself with the revenue he had recouped from his big screen take of Frankenstein.
After selling the low-budget movie to a studio at a profit, Branagh decided to share out the wealth with his cast and crew in an unconventional way - by handing out pay cheques at the film's screening.
And he especially enjoyed the reaction of Dynasty star Collins, who was left aghast at the method of payment - and even more so at the amount she had earned.
He tells Britain's Telegraph newspaper, "One of the greatest pleasures I has was when we had a screening on a Sunday morning in the West End. And most of the crew and cast came, including Joan Collins. I'd paid for the film myself with the money I made from Frankenstein, and we sold it at a profit. The books were completely open. And as they left the cinema that morning, we had all the envelopes laid out and we gave everybody a cheque - including Joan Collins, who nearly fell over. She said, 'I've been in the business for quite a long time, and this has never happened.' She opened it and she said, 'F**king hell!' Because it was not inconsiderable."