Rapper Kendrick Lamar once tried to convince his mother that a girlfriend's stray bra was hers when she found it in her mini-van.

The hip hop star used to sneak off for sex sessions in his mum's vehicle outside the family home in Compton, Los Angeles when he was a teenager, but his days as a roadside romeo took a hit when his backseat romps were discovered.

The Swimming Pools (Drank) hitmaker explains, "She went to the van and she found something. She placed it in the front seat and she said, 'Kendrick, come outside, I want you to get something'.

"I opened the passenger door and it was a bra. She was like, 'What is this?' and I was like, 'What do you think, it's yours'. She said, 'Boy, I ain't wore a size 36C in 20 years, this would never be mine...'"

But his mother's discovery didn't stop Lamar from using the mini-van as a racy rendezvous: "I had to start sneaking off a little bit more discreetly to go out and enjoy myself."