Former Playboy Playmate Kendra Wilkinson has opened up about her troubled past - she began dabbling with drugs at the age of 13 and was admitted to a "secured psychiatric facility" just two years later.
The 24-year-old reality TV star shot to fame as one of Hugh Hefner's three girlfriends in E! network series The Girls Next Door.
She split from the Playboy boss in 2008 and later married American footballer Hank Baskett, the father of her baby son.
But Wilkinson admits life before she shot to stardom wasn't easy - she battled drugs for many years after trying cocaine at the age of 13.
She tells U.S. TV show E! True Hollywood Story, "All of a sudden (my friends) broke out this white stuff. I did it, and I started feeling this big ball of chalk going down my throat and I was like 'What is this s**t! Ew this is so gross.' After that I started feeling pretty good. That was the start of my drug days."
Two years later at the age of 15, Wilkinson was admitted to a psychiatric hospital after having suicidal thoughts: "It was crazy in that place. A lot of those kids were suicidal like me and we didn't see daylight. We weren't allowed outside. It was basically a jail, but it was a hospital."
Once she was released, she continued to dabble with illegal substances until one frightening episode left her fearing for her life and she swore never to touch drugs again.
Wilkinson adds, "I was bleeding from every hole in my body and I really thought I was going to die that night. But you know what, I survived, and I swear it was a couple of days after that that I had an epiphany. I just stopped drugs, stopped smoking cigarettes, stopped everything, and went home."