Wilkinson's husband, former American football star Hank Baskett, had a relationship with Ava London, prompting his wife to kick him out of the family home last year (14). The drama unfolded on reality TV series Kendra On Top, as Hugh Hefner's ex-girlfriend attempted to come to terms with the possibility her husband had cheated on her.

It's still not clear how far Baskett's relationship with London went, but he has repeatedly denied claims he cheated on Wilkinson.

Now, London has told Modesto Police she was attacked by a couple at a local gay bar called Climax. She claims the unnamed man and woman beat her, pulled her hair and called her a "homewrecker".

The male involved in the attack appears to have taken credit for the incident in a tweet that reads: "LOL (laugh out loud), the #husbandf**ker Ava got told she's a hoe today and she/he went crazy... After she flipped her fake-a** hair in my face and after i was being held by security my girl Tee Tee beat the s**t outs (out of) her."

Wilkinson and Baskett are still working on their marriage.

The former model-turned-reality TV star told Access Hollywood Live last year (14), "I know what happened. There is some investigation going on right now and that's why I have to stay away from some things... We are on the road to recovery, we are on the road to friendship again... Our marriage has been shaken up and I believe that this is something that is gonna renew us as people, renew us as friends."