Kendra Wilkinson and her husband Hank Baskett recycle "every single thing we have".

The reality TV star and her NFL player spouse - who have a 22-month-old son Hank Baskett Jr. together - are both keen to protect the environment, something Kendra says she learned from her grandfather.

Kendra told E!: "I recycle baby Hank's clothes by donating them. I donate to women's shelters all the time. I'm a huge advocate for donating. I love to donate.

"Mine and my grandfather's hobby was to go and drive around and look for cans on the side of the streets and we used to hop out and we used to just collect as many cans as we could and then recycle them. That was the fun thing to do. I get it from my family. Recycling is a part of who I am."

Hank Jr. is sure to pick up some recycling tips from his parents as Kendra recently revealed the tot is like a "sponge" and she is constantly amazed at how smart he is.

She said: "The other night he said his ABC! He is a sponge right now he is learning so much and we love to piggy back on that and we love to teach him. Right now we know he is a sponge and we are just throwing stuff at him as much as we can for him to learn. He is the smartest kid, he can put together a five-piece puzzle right now. His concentration is amazing I can't believe that when we are filming he can just sit down and put together a five piece puzzle so quickly, he has great concentration."