Kendra Wilkinson's newborn son nearly peed in her face.

The 24-year-old former Playboy model - who gave birth to 9lb 5oz Hank Randall Baskett IV on December 11 - is loving being a parent for the first time, but admits it has its hazards.

She wrote on her twitter page: "Just wanted to say hi everyone..up all night with the lil man again but i enjoy every min of it. He almost peed in my face today lolol. (sic)"

While Kendra's first concern is obviously Hank IV-who she calls her "lil angel" and her "little beast"-the new mother has also been delighted to welcome her favourite beverage back into her diet.

On Sunday morning (20.12.09) she tweeted: "Man it feels great reuniting with my best friend that i havent seen in 9 months...her name is COFFEE!!!!!! Lolol. My coffee of choice is dunkin donuts coffee n i drink it BLACK...we r all sittin here watchin football n relaxin ahhhhh. (sic)"

Kendra - who is married to American footballer Hank Baskett - also defended her choice of morning beverage to a concerned tweeter, writing, "i dont think ONE cup of coffee is goin to harm my breastmilk... go back to 1918 if u think that about formula... lolol. (sic)"