Kendra Wilkinson has "taken on" her baby's personality.

The former Playboy model - who gave birth to her first child, Hank Baskett IV, in December - has already formed a strong bond with the tot and can't believe how much he has already changed her.

She said: "It's crazy. My attitude has changed so much. I'm nicer. I've got a lot of new responsibilities. I sort of take on my baby's personality. When he's happy I'm happy."

While the 24-year-old blonde beauty - who is married to American Football star Hank Baskett - is loving being a mother she admits she gets nervous when bringing the baby out to different social situations.

She explained: "SO many things are coming easily, but the hard part is being stressed about the firsts.

"Like the first time I took him on an airplane - actually, he was so good and didn't make a sound.

"I have eyes in the back of my head now. I'm like a mama bear."