Kendra Wilkinson is looking forward to having "crazy sex" with husband Hank Baskett.

The former Playboy model says she can't wait to devote time to her love life now 'Dancing With The Stars' has finished and is keen to have some fun In The Bedroom with the NFL star.

The blonde beauty - who is now down to a size zero after competing in the show - told People magazine: "My body's back. I need to hang up on my stripper pole again.

"Hank and I need a couple more drunken nights. We need to get drunk and have crazy sex a couple more times."

As well as giving her a new lease on her sex life, Kendra - who has a 17-month-old son, Hank, with her husband - says her whole life has improved since taking part.

She said: "It was a perfect new start to my new life. It really proved that I could be sexy with some clothes on. Not a lot of clothes, but it proved to myself that I can do something like this.

"I feel like the same person I've always been since birth, but I have a new head on my shoulders. I'm a mom now. Life is different. But I'm still young. We're still fresh. I'm just having fun, but I would never go back in time and do Playboy again. That's something I'll leave in my past."