Kendra Wilkinson wanted to date Hank Baskett because he was too shy to ask her out.

The 24-year-old former Playboy model was instantly attracted to the American footballer - who she married last June - when they met at a golf event because he was the only man there who didn't approach her.

Instead, Kendra says she walked up to him to ask: "Hey, aren't you going to get my number?"

She added: "He was so shy and so innocent, and I needed him,"

The blonde beauty - who has three-month-old son Hank Jr with her spouse - also revealed that her former boyfriend Hugh Hefner insists on having his snacks prepared in a specific way.

She told US TV talk show host Jay Leno: "He doesn't like broken chips. The chefs would go through each bag of Lays and handpick each chip."

Meanwhile, the Playboy founder has praised his former lover's popularity.

He said: "It's wonderful how the fans have embraced her. We watch her show religiously. It's just wonderful. Now there's somebody who really became a celebrity."