Kendra Wilkinson has been teaching herself how to cook.

The former glamour model is expecting her second baby with husband Hank Baskett - who she married in 2009 - and has completely overhauled her diet during the pregnancy.

She said: ''I'm cooking! I've been teaching myself how to cook and using nothing but organic, low fat food. We try to be meat-free as much as we can. I'm drinking green smoothies every day. I crave healthy food like oranges and lemons, potato salad and capers.''

Kendra, 28 - who also has four-year-old son Hank IV - is glad she's having her second child - a baby girl - before she reaches 30.

She added: ''I have always wanted to have my second baby before age 30 and before our five-year wedding anniversary. That way I can go into my 30s looking forward to our whole lives together. We're two people in love.''

Meanwhile, the former 'The Girls Next Door' star insists she won't have any more children after her daughter is born because her and Hank want to focus on their own relationship.

Speaking to OK! USA magazine, she explained: ''I have goals, Hank has goals - not to have any more kids after this, but to grow together again as husband and wife. Love each other, travel all over the world together and just live our lives.''