Kendra Wilkinson used to self-harm.

The former Playboy model - who has a three-month-old son Hank Randall Baskett with her husband, American footballer Hank Baskett - admits she resorted to cutting herself to ease her struggle with depression and drug abuse.

Discussing her "devil years" in her 'E! True Hollywood Story' TV documentary, the 24-year-old star revealed: "I ended up becoming suicidal, and I started cutting myself.

"I had so much pain that I just wanted to die. It wasn't that I was trying to die, it was just that my pain took away from the pain inside."

Despite her previous struggle with depression, Kendra is now happily settled into family life and says becoming a mother has changed her outlook on life completely.

She said recently: "It's crazy. My attitude has changed so much. I'm nicer. I've got a lot of new responsibilities. I sort of take on my baby's personality. When he's happy I'm happy."