Kendra Wilkinson is not looking forward to going into labour.

The 'Kendra On Top' star is set to have her second child, a daughter, with husband Hank Baskett in May and while she admits she's being pampered, she isn't looking forward to the actual process of giving birth.

Speaking at OK! Magazine US's Pre-Oscar party at Greystone Manor in West Hollywood she told BANG Showbiz: ''The best thing about being pregnant is how spoiled I am, every day is just spoil, spoil, spoil. I get everything I want, I sleep in, I have everything I want in my life right now.

''The worst thing is the pain, my feet are swollen right now, and just the thought of labour, its crazy knowing its coming up.''

Despite the discomfort of the birth, Kendra, 28, added she is planning to film it live for her reality show. She also says she is meticulously involved in every aspect of the show and what it includes.

Speaking at the event - which was sponsored by Ciroc vodka - she added: ''I'm an executive producer, so I have as much control over the show as anybody.

''I have editing rights and everything, but do I actually use them? No, because that's where the team's skills lie.

''You have to be smart to be in reality, you can't be dumb. You have to put together a plan, you can't just go and shoot whatever, as you'd be wasting people's money.''