Kendra Wilkinson believes her ''15 minutes'' of fame are up.

The 26-year-old glamour model - who lived in the Playboy Mansion as one of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends before leaving to marry former NFL star Hank Baskett in 2009 - thinks her time in the spotlight has come to an end.

The 'Kendra' reality star admits, ''My 15 minutes of fame are up!'' although she insists she is happy to take a back seat while her husband tries his hand at television work.

She told In Touch magazine: ''He is going to become a Big Time host, he is so good at hosting. You have got to watch out for him!''

The couple - who have two-year-old son Hank Jr - have put plans for family expansion on the back-burner until their future is more certain.

Kendra explained: ''We are trying to figure out our careers. We don't know what is going on now. Why get pregnant and make it even worse, or more confusing?''

Meanwhile, she has been teaching her little boy Spanish in a bid to make him bilingual.

She told America's OK! magazine: ''He is the most amazing little boy I could have ever imagined. Little Hank is the happiest, most confident two-year-old I have ever known.

''A couple of days ago he counted to 10! And now we're teaching him how to count to 10 in Spanish. So, he's bilingual!''