Kendra Wilkinson learned what "true love" is on 'Dancing With The Stars'.

The ex-Playboy model was voted off the TV show this week, and said because its gruelling work schedule kept her away from her family – husband Hank Baskett and 14 month old son Hank Baskett IV - for long periods of time, it taught her just how much she values them.

Kendra told website "After seven weeks of being on 'Dancing with the Stars', it actually made me think about real life.

"I know what true love is now – and that's, of course, my son and my husband.

"Every now and then it's cool to get dressed up and glamorous, but at the end of the day, I love what's real and what's real is family - I'm so happy that I get to be a mom again!"

While the 25-year-old star – who shot to fame on reality TV show 'Girls Next Door' – may have finished on the show, she's not quite ready to hang up her dancing shoes just yet, as she's hoping to persuade Hank to be her new dance partner.

She added: "Before this opportunity came up, Hank and I actually had plans to do ballroom dancing together, but then we didn't get a chance.

"Now that I'm off 'Dancing', we're definitely going to do it. I'm going to start a whole new chapter with my husband and get him into it!"