Kendra Wilkinson feels "jealous" of her friends' figures.

The former Playboy model - who gave birth to her first son, Hank Randell Baskett IV, in December - is no longer comfortable with her body and felt "unattractive" when she and a group of her pals went to watch her American footballer husband Hank Baskett play in a recent match.

She said: "Even though I was excited that Hank's team won the game and that they were in the playoffs, I was still depressed. I know it doesn't make any sense, but I was feeling unattractive and my friends being there just made it worse... because they are so hot. I was just feeling really emotional.

"I felt jealous. I felt insecure. I felt sad. I felt mad. I thought Hank would look at some of other girls and think that he wants his wife to look like that."

Despite her worries, Kendra went on to have a night out with her pals and says she felt much better afterwards.

She added on her reality TV show 'Kendra': "I've been stuck with boys so much. I feel like a boy sometimes. I need my girls.

"Going out with my girlfriends was definitely therapeutic and helped to get all of the negativity out of mind."

Kendra recently admitted her post-pregnancy body was a "culture shock".

She said: "Having a different body was such a culture shock. I'm so used to being hot and fit."