Kendra Wilkinson is giving herself ''a new mind set'' for the next year of her life.

The 'Kendra On Top' star celebrated her 33rd birthday on Tuesday (12.06.18) and in a post ringing in the special day on Instagram, she has insisted she is starting a new chapter in her life and putting her past behind her, following her split from husband of nine years Hank Baskett.

Posting a picture of herself wearing a white swimming costume, Kendra - who has Hank IV, eight, and Alijah, three, with Hank - wrote: ''I see you 33. Time to celebrate this beautiful life I have and created. Time to enter a new year with a new mind set. Time to shut the door on anything holding me down n run towards the top of my life with the people who truly love and care about me n want to see me there. My kids are on my back n i will forever carry them and their best interest but guess what haters? Time to find Kendra's sexy side again n explore new ventures. Let's have some fun.... #kdubturns33 (sic)''

Her new lease of life comes after it was recently reported she is ''super open'' to the idea of getting back on the dating scene.

A source said: ''She's not dating right now, but she's super open to the idea. She'll definitely be dating sooner rather than later. She needs to go out and have fun. She's separated and there's no chance for reconciliation. The relationship is 100 percent over.''

Whilst another source claimed she was ''looking forward'' to moving on and starting the next stage in her life with somebody new.

They added: ''[Kendra is] ready to really put herself out there in the dating world. [She is] looking forward to this new chapter of her life. She feels like she is going to make a comeback and have a full revival.''

Meanwhile, Kendra took to Twitter last month to ask for dating advice in the wake of her break-up.

She tweeted: ''What's your opinion... do i start dating/sex now or give myself more time? My heart is broken but i have needs. Lmaoooo #gimmelovin #notgettingyounger #33hereicome. (sic)''

After one fan told her she should wait longer in order to ''get [her] head straight'' and suggested she use sex toys for the time being, Kendra joked that she had already exhausted that option.

She replied: ''All out of batteries. It's time my friend (sic)''