Kendra Wilkinson has dropped down to a size zero.

The former Playboy model says her recent stint on TV show 'Dancing With The Stars' - with its gruelling workout routines and performance schedule - has made her shed pounds, but she prefers her figure now after having a few weeks off from training.

She told Life and Style magazine: "I was a size two or four before 'Dancing With the Stars' and now I'm a size zero. My waist is still shrinking!

"When you work out, you produce so much lactic acid, so my body always looks thicker and more muscular. Now that I've had a couple of weeks off, my body is fuller and looks better. I hope I'll look like this forever. But to be honest, I will never be satisfied!"

Kendra, 25, added her new body has also heated up her sex life with NFL star husband Hank Baskett, and while they are keen for another baby to join their 17-month-old son Hank, they aren't rushing into it.

She told Life & Style magazine: "We are having great sex! We're in the crazy-sex stage. Since 'Dancing With the Stars,' I want to get into all the skimpy lingerie!

"Hank loves my new body. He's ready for another baby, but we're just having fun being young parents to Hank for now."